Live Blood Analysis

Your symptoms tell a story.

A Live Blood Analysis gives us insight into
what story your body is telling you!

Looking at your blood cells and the surrounding medium under the microscope can act as a window into your overall health. I will take a small sample of blood from your finger, place this on a microscope slide, and projected the image to a screen for you to view alongside me.

I will discuss things like nutrient deficiencies, digestive function, organ imbalances, pH imbalance, toxicity, indications of dysbiosis or parasites and any other concerns indicated in the blood.

I’ll show you what your blood is indicating about your health and we’ll use it as a guide to create a wellness plan to work towards restoring optimal health.

“The blood comes into contact with almost every cell in the body. It carries vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells and carries wastes away from the cells. If we understand why the blood cells are sick, we then understand why other cells in the body are sick, and if we are able to improve the quality of the blood, we will be able to improve the quality of almost every cell in the body.”

Dr. Okker Botha

You might not realize how bad your
“normal” is until you start feeling better!

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