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Feeling frustrated with your health?

I show you what’s going on in your body, starting with your symptoms, assessing imbalances and dysfunction with a Functional Blood Analysis, and then making strategic nutrition and supplementation recommendations to restore your wellness and health!

Brigitta Beer

Registered Holistic Nutritionist
and Certified Blood Analyst

$170 CA

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Initial Nutrition

I generally recommend to start with an Initial Nutrition Consult which includes Functional Blood Analysis.

This comprehensive session will give crucial information about your health concerns through symptoms and blood markers, allowing me to create a customized wellness plan for you!

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Other Services

You might not realize how bad your
“normal” is until you start feeling better!

Healing Meal Plans

Eating according to your body’s needs doesn’t have to be difficult! Search through my healing meal plans to find one that aligns with your health needs. All of my plans are instant digital downloads so you can read through and begin cooking (and eating), immediately. You’re welcome 😉

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My office is located at
#305 – 1630 Pandosy St.
in downtown Kelowna.

Food Effects – Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Live Blood Analyst

Serving Clients in the Okanagan and virtually across Canada.