Kind words from happy, healthy clients

Helping people find health lights me up! I love helping my clients understand what is going on in their bodies, and then showing them that health and happiness can continue ‘on their plates’.

See the kind words from happy, healthy clients, below.

Brigitta’s knowledge and ability to communicate the information carries a very high standard. I thank her for her kindness and understanding.


This has changed my life! There has been a considerable change in my health, sleep, energy, alertness, and even passion for what I do.


My husband saw Brigitta Beer and went on the Rise UP (Rebuild) Program, and I did it too – at first as a support to my husband- but it had amazing results for me to! I lost weight, slept better, no more bloating or mood changes and had energy throughout the day. She was great to work with and had so many helpful tips and recipes to try. I would highly recommend Brigitta and the Rise UP Program.


I struggled with some severe, debilitating health issues. I spent a lot of time at my doctor’s office and walk in clinics and had numerous tests and misdiagnoses. I finally went to a naturopath and got answers and a plan to recover my health. Unfortunately it was not that simple and Brigitta literally rescued me from so much pain and suffering and confusion. She was so kind and compassionate. She was so understanding. I was in such a poor state of health physically, mentally and emotionally. She basically held my hand and came up with a plan that turned my health around completely. She was so patient and supportive as I struggled to make the changes to my diet that literally saved my life. I’m so thankful to Brigitta for her knowledge and expertise, but also for how much she really truly cares.


After years of working too much, eating too much and not exercising enough, I hit a personal crisis in regards to my health.

Having experienced chronic aches and pains, edema, digestive strain and an overall decline in my sense of well-being for some time, I simply felt as though this was “just what I had to live with” going forward. In an effort to take ownership of my personal health, I connected with Brigitta  to explore rebuilding the vital systems, promoting overall health…..namely gut-healing.

Live blood testing opened a whole new world of discovery! The visual of what is going on inside of my body, motivated me to make the necessary changes. Brigitta’s professionalism, expertise and confidence in healing “from the inside out” has proven itself in the results! I have been truly amazed at how quickly many of the chronic conditions that have been nagging for years, have turned around…..noticeably! Promoting and supporting the healing of my gut function has been an absolute game-changer, and has launched me well down the road to recovery!

The effect of food (what an appropriate name…..foodeffects!) on my body has proven to be profound…..both in the years of neglect, as well as the evidence of healthy, healing choices.

Thank you Brigitta, for sharing your knowledge with me and steering me down the path to a healthy understanding of what is taking place on the inside! Thank you for giving me the tools to effect my personal health so positively with the one simple thing that I can choose to have at my fingertips each day….good, whole, nutritional food! Thank you for being available on the journey, cheering me on and providing support as questions arise! You have been a God-send!


It’s not overstating to say that Brigitta changed my life. Or…as she said it…with her help, I changed my life. I have suffered for 30 years with migraine issues, and other related health concerns. I had seen all kinds of specialists and have tried all kinds of medication. Since addressing nutrition (starting in September 2016), the frequency and intensity of my health issues has reduced significantly. In addition to seeing a reduction in migraines, I have had a significant increase in over all energy and engagement in life. I feel like I went from being mostly dead to alive again. I can’t believe all of this was related to nutrition. It wasn’t easy, but it was completely worth it.


I have had health and digestive issues for as long as I can remember. After a couple of surgeries 15 years ago, I resigned myself be on medication the rest of my life.

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I instantly enrolled in the courses that the provincial Health Ministry offers to educate myself and do all that I could to fight diabetes. Determined to do everything that was advised in the diabetic clinic, I embarked on a dietary regime that was very restricting and felt deprived. I stuck to it religiously. Imagine my discouragement when my numbers kept going up to the point that I had to take medication to control my sugars. More chemicals in my system. Other side effects started to plague me; liver issues, fatigue, and a general sense of unwellness. It seemed that every time I went for labs or to the doctor, it was more bad news.

Feeling desperate, somewhat hopeless, and mostly defeated, I finally reached out to Brigitta at Food Effects Nutrition.

For the first time in many years I felt listened to, truly listened to! I also felt that this is the first time ever that somebody explained what was going on in my body in a way that I could actually understand. Not only was Brigitta hopeful and positive, she left ME with a positive feeling of hope. She was convinced that this was fixable, by way of changes to my nutrition, lifestyle, sleep and activity.

She took her time to compile all of my information and offer me protocols to follow that were based more on freedom than on restriction. I made a decision to follow protocols as closely as possible for the first 6 weeks to gauge what type of change I might experience.

Within three weeks I took myself off of Metformin, and two weeks later visited my doctor to tell her what I had done. She ordered labs to be taken and called me back to tell me that whatever I was doing to keep it up. My blood sugar levels were lower without the Metformin, than they were when I was taking it. My blood glucose was consistently lower at all times of day than when I had been taking my prescription. WOW. This was an amazing result that made me feel like I was getting a new lease on life.

In the months that followed, I gained more and more energy, and have completely been freed of my lifelong dependency of digestive support medication. While there is still work to do, I feel like it is all within reach, that the future is bright instead of the ‘dark cloud’ that I used to feel over my head. It is my choice as to how I proceed from here, but Brigitta has equipped me with all the tools that I need, including her support and encouragement, to succeed on my journey to health. Thank you so much Brigitta! I feel like you’ve given me my life back.


You might not realize how bad your
“normal” is until you start feeling better!

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