Breast Milk DHA Testing

DHA is an important Omega 3 Fatty Acid for your growing baby
Breast Milk DHA testing is easy, safe, and convenient
Changing the DHA levels is a simple as changing your diet

DHA is well recognized as an essential fatty acid needed during infant growth and development – especially in the brain and retina to support optimal cognitive and visual functioning.

Higher DHA intakes by infants have been associated with:

  • Better performance in neuro-behavioural functioning amongst infants
  • Improved visual acuity
  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • Lower risk of bronchitis and bronchiolitis

Just like Omega 3 levels in the blood vary, DHA levels in breast milk fluctuate based mainly on what we eat. North Americans tend to have low blood DHA levels, so it is reasonable to assume that our milk DHA levels are low as well.

Infants cannot efficiently produce their own DHA and must obtain it from breast milk or infant formula. Although breast milk naturally contains DHA, the amount can vary significantly depending on the mother’s diet;  different types of fish and other food sources contain different amounts of DHA, and other factors can influence the amount of DHA absorption in the body.

The only way to determine DHA levels in breast milk is to have it tested, enabling breastfeeding mothers to determine whether they are providing the recommended amount of DHA to their infants. This test requires just a small sample of breast milk which is sent to a lab and a report is sent out to review and make recommendations.

Having this knowledge enables breastfeeding mothers to adjust their diet and supplements (if necessary) to reach the recommended DHA levels (approximately 0.32 − 0.35 % of milk fat for term infants) in a relatively short period of time, generally within 2-4 weeks.

$130 CA
Available in office or online via Telehealth

Breast Milk DHA Testing

  • 15 minute appointment for sample collection of previously expressed milk
  • Personalized Breast Milk Omega 3 testing
  • Detailed report of fatty acid composition, including DHA
  • 30 minute lab follow up session to review report and give personalized recommendations can be booked upon receiving results (recommended, not included)

Further 1:1 support or custom meal plan available as needed.

If interested in testing but not able to book in person, you can contact me to purchase.
You will receive the test kit in the mail, with all collection supplies and instructions, including return postage. I will be in touch to book your follow up session upon receiving results.

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