What Does Your Long Term Look Like?

Long term results require long term commitment, and that becomes your lifestyle!

The first part of that long term commitment is figuring out what works for YOU! That’s the commitment part. You have to be your own detective.

What you eat, how you move, what you believe about yourself.

An important part of that is eating in a way that actually nourishes your body and mind, having realistic goals and expectations, trying new things to see what you love, and redirecting old thought patterns that undermine all that you really are.

Then both the long term commitments and the long term results become a natural lifestyle.

It shouldn’t feel like work.

I come from a very rocky relationship with food and exercise.

All or nothing.

Do or die.

Succeed or fail.

Black and white.

On the wagon or off the wagon.

Skip a workout, do 2 tomorrow.

Every run had to be faster than the last.

Overindulge, eat nothing tomorrow. 

Every pound in either direction defined my worth and mood – in either direction.

Now THAT was a lot of work, and unless you’ve been there yourself, you may not understand it – it’s THAT crazy. 

No long term commitment, no results, no sustainable lifestyle. Just defeat and a recipe for failure.

When I “crashed”, all of those unrealistic expectations had to be stripped away, because I JUST COULDN’T anymore. It wasn’t sustainable. Obviously.

I had to learn a new way. I had to accept a new identity. One that didn’t put her value in her fitness level, her dress size, or a number on the scale. 

I made some commitments. I created a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle, and the results are freeing.

So what results are you looking for? What commitments are you making? What do you need to let go of, embrace, change…… to create a lifestyle that’s natural for you?

It shouldn’t feel like work. 

Rise UP!


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