New Year. Same You.


Welcome to the first Monday of 2020!

You know what that means… being bombarded with the start of resets, detoxes, jump starts, and cleanses.

We seem to LOVE a fad diet with the promise of a quick fix, don’t we?

Hardcore! Badass! New year, new you!

I don’t feel even remotely interested in following any of the 3 Day Sugar Detoxes, 10 Day Cleanses, 21 Day Fixes, or 3 Weeks to a Flat Belly.

Yes, I indulged somewhat these last few weeks. A little (a lot?) more wine than usual, a few Lindt Balls here and there, pie for breakfast, several handfuls of chocolate covered almonds and a bag of Hawkins cheezies during a heated card game. 

So shouldn’t I now be feeling guilty and restricting, cleansing, detoxing, dieting, etc… to make up for all that?

As a nutritionist, shouldn’t I be recommending and promoting these programs as well?

Or should I just go back to eating the way I always do? The way I did before – and during – the extra wine, chocolate covered almonds, and cheezies?

If these fad diets worked, we wouldn’t be starting over every new year (or every Monday, or every “bathing suit season”…) usually accompanied by obsessive thoughts around food, restrictive practices, crazy food math, and followed by guilt, shame, and self-berating when we inevitably “fail”.

In my experience (trust me, I’ve tried it all!), quick fixes, restriction, and guilt just lead to more cravings, more indulgence, more poor food choices…. leading to more quick fixes, restriction and guilt, then more cravings, more indulgence, more poor food choices, leading to …….

Well, eventually leading to poor physical, mental, and emotional health until you just CAN’T do it anymore. Plus a whole bunch of wasted energy

Been there. Done that.

Not sustainable. Not balanced. Not healthy. Not free.


We shouldn’t have to try so hard, think so much.

It’s just food. Meant to give us energy, nourish our cells, be enjoyed, create community.

No guilt, no shame, no fear, no control.

Just food. Real, whole, food. As God created and nature provides – as much as possible.

In balance. In moderation. Even moderation in moderation.

Every meal is an opportunity to choose well. Not Monday, not the New Year.

Every meal. Every day. Listening to your body’s needs.

Going forward I will likely skip the open bottle (er, box?) of wine and the Lindt balls still hanging around in my stocking. The pie is long gone. 

So what if today we just committed to the same old, boring, simple, un-sexy, long haul, SUSTAINABLE stuff that actually works.

More balance.

More real food.

More nutrients.

More self-acceptance.

Less rules.

It’s taken me years to learn to eat without thinking, and haven’t “dieted” since 2014. If I can do it, anyone can! Yes, even you. 

Wishing you health and freedom in 2020,


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